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The escort business is thriving in Siliguri, and many visitors use the services provided by escort service centers or freelance Siliguri Celebrity escorts throughout the year. There are several independent escorts service centers or agencies in Siliguri, such as Angel escorts and celebrity escorts, that have a long list of Siliguri Celebrity escorts or Celebrity call girls who satisfy their clients' sexual desires, needs, and fantasies in exchange for money. These facilities also offer services at 5- and 3-star hotels and resorts.

Celebrity escorts at these facilities are highly educated to fulfill their clients' sexual fantasies and thoroughly satisfy them. Clients can expect long hours of foreplay, sexual intercourse, French kissing, intimate and passionate massage, anal sex, cuddling, role-playing, blowjob, spooning, gang bang, deep penetration, and threesome from them. They charge a fee based on the services they deliver to their consumers. They also ensure that the client's privacy is not jeopardized in any way. Reservations for Siliguri escort services can be made via phone, Whatsapp, or the internet.

On their websites, these escort centers usually include brief descriptions of all Siliguri Celebrity escorts' profiles, as well as images of them. Some of the most popular escorts featured on escort agency websites are from Siliguri, Russia, Canada, and Ukraine, and some of them are VIP Celebrity escorts. When compared to street prostitutes and brothel workers, they have a higher standard of living and a better way of life.

Celebrity call girls are also called professional sex workers because they have their own business or license cards and the legal authorization to offer sex and related services for a living; and they may be booked or hired directly through phone.

Independent Celebrity Siliguri escorts are also popular in Goa and can be found via adult dating websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and the internet. They communicate with clients on an individual basis, rather than relying on Celebrity Siliguri escorts companies or madams (women in charge of administering the Siliguri escorts service center), who share a percentage of the revenues.

The length of the sessions between an escort and her client is determined by the client's mood and wishes, as well as the type of service he demands. These girls like to provide their sex-related services to clients in private settings such as houses, escorts, or hotels.

These centers also add Celebrity models, college students, and air hostesses to their website and deliver them to their VIP clientele based on their needs. All of the facilities in Siliguri provide their services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they also provide significant discounts and incentives on their sexual services. They ensure that all Celebrity escorts offer the client adequate time and arouse their mood and sexual interest, and that they contact them after the sexual service to obtain feedback.